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A trip that took me to an alternate reality

If you are not a traveller or just don’t care about it, you can skip this post as your narrow-minded brain will probably not understand most of the feelings this trip triggered in me and it will be impossible for you to relate to anything I am going to...
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Where is home?

I remember sitting on the couch in my old apartment in Estonia. It was a day after I had quit my job and a week before leaving Tallinn. I was sitting there and thinking oh my god, now what…? Then I stood up and continued packing. Last week in...
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First impressions of Spain

I have been living in my new home exactly for a week now. The apartment was definitely a nice surprise for me. I have seen volunteers living in very bad conditions – old, smelly apartments. So I was mentally prepared for this and expected the worst. Fortunately, it was...
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