From Estonia to Spain – a road trip video and some photos!

When we hit the metal to (read: through) the pedal in the morning on the 17th of August, I was prepared for winter, I wore my winter coat and a scarf. Yes, it was cold in Estonia or as I have always thought, I was born in a wrong country as the others seemed to be just fine. I think it was in Lithuania when I had to change my outfit to a summer wear – it was finally warm enough to wear a dress (side note: now in Spain I feel super cold when the temperature drops to 19-20 degrees in the evening, all the Spanish people are like what? You are from Estonia, you should be used to that. Well, guess what? No! I have never liked the cold, I have always hated the cold weather in Estonia!).

Driving through Europe was not that bad. Of course, there was Poland which took most of the time as it felt like you would never reach the Czech border, it was just an eternal drive…

Sometimes, we were so bored while driving that me and Grete made these silly slow motion clips, then we all sang songs from the playlist we put together and I recorded us singing. Many times, of course, those not driving spent the hours taking naps. We also took funny pictures every time we completed 100 km and then tried to show the kilometres left with our hands and fingers.

Anton and Romana live in a very beautiful place in Austria. It is a suburban area of Klagenfurt. Just a 10-minutes walking distance you will find a nice and a quiet beach by the Wörthersee, another 10 minutes to other direction and you will be surrounded by different restaurants and shops. It really feels like a seaside resort. Nearby their home there is also a flower field of sunflowers, dahlias and gladiolas. It is common in Austria that you have these flower fields, you can take as many as you want and then you leave the money in a box next to the field. Plus, the flowers are not expensive, one sunflower was around 0.80€ (in Estonia 3-4€).

Right across from the nice sunflower field there was a rather creepy house. The whole garden was full of children’s toys and gnomes. There was even a white cross as if someone had been buried right there. For me it seemed as a house from a scary movie in which lives a guy who traps little children and then kills them. One night, when it was dark we even sneaked up to the house to check it out, it was creepy! Every thing in the garden was glowing in the night and I think I heard someone screaming… (or maybe not). 💀

I have to say that our stay in Austria felt at least a month long, but we were there for 10 days. Time really flies when you are around great people and visit amazing places. I could make a long list of the things we experienced there, but nah, just watch the video. Please don’t mind the audio crackling and video lagging in some parts as this video editing programme was sh*t. I spent so many weeks putting this together and my computer crashed like a thousand times and in the end I had to finish it on my phone which was like 5 times faster without lagging and crashing.

Now some photos and then there is the long-awaited video (please choose 1080p for the best quality) ⬇️


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